I help companies go from idea to MVP — fast.

Vozdra! I’m a maker of digital products usually found in Australia, currently in Europe. I've worked as UXer for Envato and as lead instructor teaching General Assembly's UX Design Immersive. I built Twipsum, shipped code to Envato Market, a site generating hundreds of millions of dollars, and am in the midst of building Minihero, a site designed to help people help one another. In my spare time, I'm into travel photography, and drone videography.

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Damir Kotorić

Damir's Portfolio

Product design, UX, mobile design, front end development and full stack development in Node.js. Includes work on web apps, experimental products, side projects I dabbled with, and some of my work on Envato's product design team.

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How I built Twipsum in two weeks

I built a Twitter to lorem ipsum generator to play with Node.js. Twipsum grabs a Twitter user's tweets, say @realdonaldtrump, then cleans up some of the text before returning 'lorem ipsum' text from the user's tweets.

The story behind the making of Twipsum got featured on Hacker Noon.

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Meet Minihero,
an app helping people help one another

Minihero is the result of me being annoyed with how much overhead there is in casual volunteering.

I pitched the idea on Kickstarter, but because of poor marketing it didn't get funded.

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Three intense months of teaching UX Design at General Assembly

I was the lead instructor at GA in Melbourne, and it was my job to take people with little UX knowledge and make them job-ready within three months. 17 out of a total 18 students landed work within six months of graduating. I'm very proud of my UX ducklings. 😊

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Looking back at 2.5 years at Envato

Renowned as an industry leader in Agile software development, with some of the best Ruby devs in Australia, and a strong community of millions of users all over the world, Envato was the spark to my career.

My biggest success story was helping spike revenue on a product by 4000% as the result of a two-week design sprint.

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